Friday, August 21, 2009

Moksha Restaurant, Necklace Road, Hyderabad

Moksha Restaurant with a view of Hussainsagar Lake, HyderabadWhile working at Satyam, there were times when the weekdays were hectic, what with all the tests and projects that we had to work on during our training. This left us little free time during the week. Saturdays, thus were spent resting at home or finishing upo with official tasks and planning for the Sunday. So, by evening, we used to be hungry for food and some excitement. Initially the evenings were spent in Sindhi colony, where we lived as if we were in an extension campus of Satyam. But soon we got bored of the usual restaurants in Sindhi colony and decided to try out different places.

The Moksha restaurant is a short walk from Sindhi colony. The Moksh restaurant is by the Biligiri group. They have a very good ambience, with the restaurant facing the Hussainsagar Lake and beautifully landscaped with a small fountain and rock and marble seating arrangements outside. On the inside, it is a well lit restaurant with the usual family restaurant like settings, though I have to admit that the space is huge.

The Moksha restaurant, Hyderabad serves the usual North Indian, Chinese food and some Andhra specialities. The service is prompt, or may be it was for us as we as usual were early there. I love eating at complete ease, with loads of time on hand to stuff myself to the brim. I am ambivalent about the food at this place. It was the usual stuff with nothing spectacular. The USP of the restaurant is definitely its location. You have a view of the wonderful Hussainsagar from this restaurant and there are very few restaurants in Hyderabad that offer this.

The menu is elaborate and what you order is what your experience as to how good the food is will depend on what you order. There are some exotic items like Kheema Khaleji, Dal Maska and the Deghi Mirch Murgh Tikka. We though stuck to the regular fare and ordered Chilli Mushrooms and Garlic Soup for the starters. Next up we had the Diwani Handi and Tawa Paratha from the Live Tawa counter. We didn't order any desserts and liked what we had. The food was expensive, but decent. They also serve all kinds of drinks in this hotel.

Overall, the experience at Moksha was a decent one.

Ambience : 6/10
Food : 7/10
Price : 7/10
Quantity : 7/10

A so so place which is quite expensive too.


  1. gave it a miss !! n thank god for tat. :-P

  2. It looks quite beautiful in the picture too!

  3. Hi Mridula,
    Am a big fan of your writings...Very happy to c u commenting on my blog.



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