Friday, April 10, 2009

Bowl O' China Restaurant

Bowl O China Restaurant, HyderabadThe Bowl O China restaurant chain was started by the Hyderabad House group. It has its outlets in Sanjeev Reddy Nagar, Kharkhana and Begumpet. The ambience of the Bowl O China restaurant, at its SR Nagar outlet is very good. The restaurant has used dark red and black colors for walls and furniture. The lamps that they have hung from the ceiling are very beautiful too.

One of the favourite places to dine at for all Satyamites, Bowl O China, provided good quality Chinese food at a very inexpensive price. I have eaten just about every other vegetarian dish available at this restaurant. The restaurant, according to me serves the best Chinese food or the Indianised Chinese food I have eaten. The food is not too spicy like what is found on the road side Chinese Stalls, yet is really tasty and well made.

The menu is eclectic with a lot of items so unique that they are not found in any other Chinese restaurant. The momos are delicious and are called as dim sum in this restaurant. There are items such as the crispy chicken gyoza, black bean prawns etc which may not be there in most of the general Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad. Last time we went, we ordered the Tom Yum soup, hakka noodles, burnt garlic fried rice along with chilly honey chicken. All these dishes were good especially the noodles which I ate and which had a nice flavor of herbs. For the Non Vegetarians, Bowl O China serves Halal meat only. The service is prompt and usually doesn't make you wait a lot. But the restaurant, because of its popularity is usually full, especially so on weekends and that might translate into some waiting time.

Since, we Satyamites used to live at Sindhi colony, the Bowl O China was our favorite Chinese food restaurant in Hyderabad. Also the Satyam discount - 10% off on the bill, helped matters a lot too.

Located at
Sanjeev Reddy Nagar

We used to visit the restaurant from Sindhi colony. It is near the Mayfair building of Satyam, which is its registered office. If you start from Paradise and move towards Mayfair, you have to go on till you reach the next circle. Bowl O China is located at that circle.

Restaurant Report
Ambience : 8/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Quantity: 8/10

What it serves best?
Dim Sum - the Veg as well as the Chicken variety is delicious here.

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