Monday, September 28, 2009

Qutb Shahi Tombs, Hyderabad

Planned and built during the reign of each one of the monarchs himself, the Qutb Shahi tombs, lying a kilometre to the north of Golconda in Hyderabad are a combination of Persian, Pathan and Hindu styles of architecture. Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah built the Charminar and is considered to be the founder of Hyderabad. Nowhere else in the world does an entire dynasty find a common resting place.

Trellissed balconies, overlapping arches, arched corridors and rich ornamental parapets make the Qutb Shahi Tombs look spectacular.

The tombs of the Quli Qutub Shahi dynasty have stood the test of time braving human negligence and the assault of time and weather. Besides the tombs of the Quli Qutb Shahi dynasty, there are tombs of the people who were near and dear to the buried royals too.

There is a tomb of Fatima Sultan, sister of Muhammed Qutub Shah. Between Muhammed Quli’s and Jamsheed’s tomb there is the mausoleum of Kulsoom Begum who was Mohammed Qutub’s grand daughter. There are tombs that belong to Taramathi and Premamathi, Muhammed Neknam Khan, who served in the army of Abdullah, Fatima Khanum, one of Abdullah’s daughters. There is a tomb of the Sufi saint Husain Wali. It is believed that Husain wali built the Husain Sagar lake, which connects the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Here is a picture showing the corridors of the famous Qutb Shahi Tombs.

The Qutb Shahi tombs are closed on Fridays. There is a museum nearby that houses weapons, utensils etc of the Qutb Shahi period.

Museum : 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Qutb Shahi Tombs : 9:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. - Closed Fridays

Bus Routes
65S, 80S, 80P, 142S

Ticket Price
Rs. 2

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ohri's Tadka, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Ohri's LogoA visit to Ohri's Tadka on Banjara Hills was long due. That was when we heard that they are organising a Punjabi food festival. We had visited Rajdhani just the other day, but true blue foodies that we are, we couldn't resist going to the food festival. A celebrity chef from Delhi - Mr. Sweety Singh was invited for the festival. We reached the Banjara Hills, Road no 12 outlet a bit late in the afternoon as we shopped around before reaching Ohri's and so we were hungrier than ever.

The Ohri's Tadka outlet on Banjara Hills is a huge building and they have all the floors to themselves with different cuisines served on different floors. There is everything from chaat and ice creams to continental and also North Indian cuisine.

Ohri's Banjara, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Ohri's Tadka aka Ohri's Banjara, Banjara Hills

By the time we reached there, we were famished and so we decided to go for the full buffet lunch. The menu was elaborate and excellent. The dishes were something that I have rarely eaten and all through the taste was truly Punjabi. Being a vegetarian, I stuck to the usual veg fare and even that had my stomach filled to the brim. The pickles were a must have. I have rarely tasted such good, fresh pickles before. The different types of naans and rotis that we ordered were also sumptious. All in all Ohri's Tadka served us true North Indian fare, something which we rarely encounter in Hyderabad.

It was pricey though. The buffet lunch was worth Rs. 245 and the dinner for Rs. 295 (taxes extra). This included a welcome drink, two types of shorba, 5 pickles, 3 non-veg, 3 salads and 6 veg curries, 2 dals, 3 types of breads, 2 veg rice, 1 hot and 1 cold dessert, 1 non-veg biryani and a live counter of falooda and kulfi.

Interiors of Ohri's Banjara, Banjara HillsWe were told that the menu changes everyday, and some of the dishes are Saag Meat, Special Punjabi Meat, Dhaba Butter Chicken, Patiala Shahi Murg, Sarso Da Saag, Afghani Chicken, Kadee Pakoda, Makki Di Roti, Aloo Wadiyan, Gobi Masala, Pindi Chole, Baingan Da Bharta, Palak Gobi, Amritsari Fish Curry, Baingan Masala, Aloo Kulcha, Amritsari Machlee Fry, Lachaa Parantha, Shahi Paneer, Onion Kulcha, Paneer Lababdaar and Mutter Paneer. For the desserts, there are Malpua, Punjabi Kheer, Gulab Jamun, Moong Dal Da Halwa, Gajar Halwa, Dabba Kulfi and Matka Kulfi.

Loony Ratings:

Ambience : 8/10
Food : 9/10
Price : 8/10
Quantity : 9/10

One of the "Must Eat At" places in Hyderabad.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

M'Zuri Sana, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

We went there with a lot of expectations. Afterall we were visiting the place touted as one of the best Hyderabad hangouts. We were told that M'Zuri Sana means "Beautiful to Behold" in Swahili. Anita, who is the owner of the store was born and brought up in Kenya. Most of the Beautiful to Behold articles present in the store are her creations. This cafe cum store stocks everything from salwars, kurtis, skirts and accessories to decorative lamps and even well designed furniture for your home. The furniture is well designed, modern and made of the best quality of materials. The clothing is ethnic and usually hand woven or hand crafted.

The young and the restless love this Hyderabad Hangout and the hookahs of this place are definitely considered to be some of the best in Hyderabad. The masala chai and brownies are also something that I can personally vouch for. M'Zuri Sana is a perfect place to come and relax after some heavy shopping around the Banjara - Jubilee Hills area.

Mzuri Sana has its branches in a lot of cities all over the country. It has opened another outlet in Kharkhana in Hyderabad too. And to top it all, it has a wonderful website too. Just check out this website of MZuri Sana.


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