Friday, March 6, 2009

Rajdhani : Gujarati Restaurant in Hyderabad

Rajdhani - Ek Khandani Parampara

Located at : Above Big Bazaar, Ameerpet

This chain restaurant is not just restricted to Hyderabad, but is spread out all over the major cities of India. Rajdhani restaurant serves only thalis - a full platter of Gujarati food that contains everything - from Farsan to Dal-Rice.

A typical thali will have atleast three different farsans served with one or two sweet dishes, 2-3 different subzis and a choice of Phulka Roti, Thepla, Bajra Roti in the first course. The variety of Farsans on offer is large and same goes for the sweets. You can also have the Sweet Roti - Puran Poli aka Vedmi that is one of Gujarat's specialty, if you are lucky. Later, you can have buttermilk or chhaas as we call it with Aamras if its summers. At times the management serves the Baflo too - that is a drink made out of unripe mangoes - kachi keri specially in Gujarat and is said to protect one against the heat.

The final course consists of Daal, Rice, Khichadi, Kadhi with Ghee to add. Though I am ready to bet that by the time it comes to it one is so full of food that you will be having the smallest morsels possible.

The other specialty of this restaurant is the method of processing Phulka rotis. In unlimited meals, usually items are mass produced. A Phulka Roti is very difficult to mass produce. The Rajdhani management have specifically gotten a system of stoves made up that will help them mass produce Phulka Rotis.

Remember to have the Smoked Chhaas if possible. It is a chhaas that will have the flavor of burnt coal as it will be processed using it. Don't worry, its perfectly hygienic though.

The waiters in Rajdhani serve a lot of different items and you will be surprised at their speed and promptness. All Rajdhani joints across the country have a staff that is trained to use hand movements to order food from their colleagues. If you observe them working, you will realise that they call and get the food to your plate without using a single word, just by waving their hands and doing different actions.

Finally, when it is time to leave after having your fill with Gujarati food, don't forget to tong the plate at Rajdhani- Pizza Hut style.


  1. Place where a true Pig just digs ..

  2. I am not really too fond of Gujarati restaurant. I am more of Chinese lover. Found many Chinese restaurants listed on when planned for a Hyderabad trip last month.

  3. Hey, stumbled upon your blog by chance.. Good Stuff.. I too happen to be a Hyderabadi foodie and I'm also a huge fan of Rajdhani.. :) You can read my review here..

    Keep writing..


  4. Grat work going on your side.. Just loved hyderabadi food..



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