Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hyderabad MMTS Routes and Information

The MMTS or Multi Modal Transport System in Hyderabad is essentially the local train system of Hyderabad, started as a part of the South Central Railway. But for anyone who has lived in Mumbai and travelled in its chaotic trains, the Hyderabad MMTS will come as a fresh breath of air. The trains are efficient, well built, clean, roomier and much very less crowded too. And just like Mumbai does, they decrease the travel time in a big way at nominal fares. Just like Mumbai, a common pass for both the APSRTC and Hyderabad MMTS is issued by the authorities to facilitate the commuters.

Unlike Mumbai though, the city of Hyderabad has train lines running all around its circular spread. This makes it important to board the right train at the right time. The map of the tarin routes is present on the MMTS website itself and so is the timetable.

Hyderabad MMTS is a boon for people travelling to distant areas like Madhapur, Gachibowli, Hi Tec City etc.

For all enquires about Hyderabad MMTS, call 139.

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