Thursday, April 23, 2009

Angeethi Restaurant, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Angeethi Restaurant, Banjara Hills, Road No 1, Hyderabad The name Angeethi means an open stove that burns charcoal to keep rooms warm in winters. Angeethi restaurant, Hyderabad is located at the Center Point building on Banjara Hills, Road No 1. A hotel of the BJN group, it is considered to be one of the best places in Hyderabad to have good North Indian food at. In fact the whole top floor of this building has BJN group restaurants and I will be reviewing the rest of the restaurants soon enough.

The theme and the d├ęcor of Angeethi at Hyderabad is atypically different from that of normal restaurants and hotels. Angeethi is one of the few concept restaurants in Hyderabad and according to my knowledge it is one of the best. The interior of the restaurant has been made to look like a dhaba with a bar called “Sharab Theka” and a pan shop called as the “Soorma Bhopali Pan Shop”. They have posters of Amitabh and Dharmendra strewn across the walls. Even the menu is made to look like a newspaper.

The excessive wait to get inside this restaurant is always a big problem for people who love Angeethi’s food, but the rewards of the wait are excellent too. There are a lot of must haves when you visit this restaurant and they are cheese kurkuree, barra kebab, sabootha choosa, makkai di roti, corn methi malai, murgh rada masala, sarson da saag, tawa prawns, dal maska. The desserts consisting of gulab jamun, faluda, kulfi with pista and crushed nuts is also sumptuous.

The only drawback with eating out at Angeethi restaurant in Hyderabad is obviously the long wait and the high prices. If you want to visit on weekends then you need to spend the entire evening waiting for your turn to come. The fluids at this hotel ate just too exorbitantly priced. A meal for two will cost you upwards of 500 bucks. But the ambience and the experience do make up for it all. Also, the menu is such that you will have to consult the staff in order to understand everything well and nicely.

Ambience : 8/10 (On popular demand)
Food : 8/10
Price : 6/10
Quantity : 7/10

Loony Tip
The buffet could be a good deal for people who want to savor good Punjabi food, eat to their fill and not feel too bad about it too. It costs 200 bucks and can be had in the afternoons from Monday to Saturday.



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