Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prasad's IMAX, Hyderabad

One of the best places to hangout in Hyderabad is the Prasad's IMAX theater. Some facts about Prasad's IMAX.

Prasad's IMAX is South India's first, India's 3rd and the world's largest 3 D Imax theater. Located on the banks of the Hussainsagar Lake, it was a part of the Buddha Purnima project which was the project that installed the huge Buddha statue in the middle of the Hussainsagar Lake.

What is IMAX technology?
IMAX is an entertainment company headquartered in New York and Toronto. This company has also produced some wonderful movies like T Rex, Island of Sharks etc. The acronym IMAX was created from the words Maximum Image. This format is the largest and the most exciting film format in the world with a screen size which is 10 times larger than the 35mm format and thrice as large as the 70 mm project.

Prasad's IMAX Theater Facade
Prasad's IMAX provides a wonderful experience as it is a huge complex with a lot of shops and outlets inside for you to be able to roam and enjoy at. There are ice cream and food counters, a lot of game counters, shops for the shopaholics and nearly 5 to 6 screens that screen non 3 D movies too.

Prasad's IMAX Interior
One of Hyderabad's favourite hangout, IMAX is usually very crowded. Also it is virtually impossible to get a ticket at IMAX on public holidays. And a final warning. The streets outside IMAX are not a very safe place for women late in the nights after a matinee show. Avoid rickshaws and better have your own vehicle for a late night visit.

All in all, Prasad's IMAX is the perfect way to spend a hot Hyderabadi afternoon with your friends. You can also go out on a walk across the Hussainsagar lake in the afternoons once the weather cools down a bit.


  1. Hey ..yes. it was a hit..lot of ppl used to go there.. and thenit was central and now GVK

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  2. Never seen one of these but you make them sound quite interesting.

  3. Wonder why they design these things to look like exiled spaceships!

  4. Hi,
    True...once upon a time it was a is even now - bt primarily due to its proximity to the densely populated Secunderabad.
    Even I havent watched a 3d movie yet...went to IMAX many wasnt able to catch a 3D its a must-see experience from what i have heard. :-)
    Thats my constant complaint too....why have such ghastly in Ahme these days and the Modi govt is helping development a lot....and so they have ended up facilitating the speedy construction of many similar eyesore behemoths...:-(

  5. Never seen bfore, but I lkie to try it!

  6. Hi, thanks for the comments. I was adding ur link to my blogroll and keep it in Travel links. Keep my link on urs! Tq

  7. Hi,friends its realy true that prasadz imax has the largest 3d screen in the world and the sound quality is realy good, Digital 3d surround sound, amazing.I have seen AVATAR 3D in both Inox 3D and Imax 3D, inox is good the sound quality not surround sound is good but screen is short. Imax 3D is the best.



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