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Charminar, which is synonymous with Hyderabad, is one of the magnificient structures built by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah, the fifth ruler of the Qutub Shahi dynasty and also the founder of the city, in 1591-92 A.D. This is the frontal facade of the Charminar. The streets adjoining it are crowded at all times and even this shot took a lot of patience to get. The structure of the Charminar, built using granite, lime, mortar, inspite of being so old, is incredibly well maintained.
Charminar The Charminar is a square structure measuring 31.95 metres on each side with imposing arches spanning a distance of 11 mts. There are four minarets, each having four stories, rising to a height of 56 mts. The spiral staircase inside the tower has 146 steps leading to the top with 12 landings. The double screen of arches on the roof and the ornamental arches on the minarets add to the aesthetic value. The notable feature of the Charminar is the location of a mosque in the western section on the second floor, probably one of the most beautiful of that period. There are 45 prayer spaces with an open courtyard in the front.

There are various theories abound about the purpose for which the Charminar was constructed. However it is widely believed that the Charminar was built at the centre of the city to commemorate the eradication of plague.

CharminarThe French commander Bussy, made the Charminar his headquarters in the mmiddle of the 18th century. The four clocks in the four cardinal directions were added later in 1889. One of the clocks and the balcony can be seen in this snap of the Charminar.

At the center of the Charminar there used to be a Vazu (Water Cistern) with a small fountain for customary ablutions before offering prayers at the mosque.
Charminar The snap shows the fountain and a view of the road beyond the Charminar. On the left of the road is the medical hospital and on the right is the Mecca Masjid. Just inside the Charminar on the left is an office of Andhra Pradesh Tourism. They sell some memoribilia and provide valuable information about Charminar and where to shop in and around the Charminar too.
A view of the roof of the Charminar. The structure is also known for its profuseness of stucco decorations and arrangement of balustrades and balconies. The floral designs are varied and delicately executed. It is a combination of Mughal and Hindu architecture executed by the local artisans.

How to Reach?
1. Lots of local buses go to Charminar. There is a big bus stand just behind the Mecca Masjid that will take you back to the city if you want to travel by bus.
2. Most rickshaws will take you to the Charminar all the way from Begumpet for less than 100 bucks according to the meter charge as of Dec - 2008.
3. Try and plan a trip to the Charminar in such a way that you can go to the nearby Mecca Masjid and also have a look at the beautiful Chowmohalla Palace. These three monuments will most likely take a whole day's time if you want to take photographs and really enjoy the feel of the place.
4. The Charminar shuts down at 6. So, don't get very late.

Loony Tips for Charminar Darshan
1. Night time is a very good time to photograph the Charminar. The traffic during the day is horrendous - to say the least.
2. Get a good good guide if you can. There are a lot of interesting tit bits that they can tell you. Like the Charminar is connected with the Golconda through a underground thoroughfare.
3. Ask someone as to where you can get the best, original pearls and bangles. The best shops are located around the Charminar, but there are many shops where you can get cheated. So better as one or two AP tourism officials to direct you to the right shop.
4. The hyderabadi chicken biryani is very famous. Ask any rickshaw wallah and he will take you to Shadaab Restaurant. It serves the best Biryani in this part of the city.
5. If you visit during the month of Ramzaan, do not forget to get a taste of the Haleem. It is also a Hyderabad speciality and the best of Haleems can be found in this part of town.

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  1. one more loony tip - shop for pearls only if u r good at haggling ;-)

  2. hey..v nice infrmtv post...
    yeah agreed Charminar is the real Shaan of HYD..
    pics are really wonderful..
    keep rocking wid clicks-nd pics..



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